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Intrigue over district council elections marks one more way Hong Kong has devolved into a semi-functioning territory with a crisis that appears more intractable with each passing day. LA Times
VOA VIEW: China will lose the most.
President Donald Trump compared the impeachment process to a professional boxing match on Wednesday, saying the Democrats were nearly knocked out. Trump was reacting to a whirlwind day on Capitol Hill that saw EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland grilled about his role in Ukraine. “If this were a prizefight, they’d stop it!” Trump tweeted, casting himself... New York Post
VOA VIEW: They have been a waste of time and taxpayer money.
Gordon Sondland was supposed to be the key witness in the impeachment drive — the guy who’d nail the coffin shut on Donald Trump’s presidency. Yet his most “damaging” testimony in long hours of questioning Wednesday turned out to rest on nothing but mere assumptions. Sondland opened the hearing by asserting that Team Trump imposed... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Sondland turns out to be a fool with a grin.


The primary race has created plenty of talk about levying billionaires. But leading Democratic proposals could also affect millions of well-paid workers. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Fools!
Just 40% of Wisconsin registered voters believe President Trump should be impeached and removed from office, while 53% disagreed.        USA Today
VOA VIEW: Only fools believe in impeachment.
More than two-thirds of Americans hold generally favorable views of religious liberty, according to an index tracking one of the nation's oldest civil rights. "Even after decades of religious freedom being pulled into the culture wars, Americans accept and support a broad interpretation of religious freedom," says the 2019 Religious ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: As they should.
House Republicans moved Wednesday to subpoena the whistleblower and former Vice President Joe Biden's son, Hunter, in the Democrats' impeachment inquiry for closed-door testimony, according to a letter sent to Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff. Rep. Devin Nunes, the top Republican on the Intelligence Committee, and Rep. Jim Jordan, the ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: What are the Dems hiding?
At least 22 transgender people have been killed in 2019 alone. ABC
VOA VIEW: Liberal hogwash.
Former "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett has filed a counter lawsuit against the city of Chicago, claiming that authorities 'maliciously' prosecuted him. ABC
VOA VIEW: Fool - now he is open to discovery.


Labour wants to build 100,000 new council houses a year, while the Tories vow more help for first-time buyers. BBC
Israel's military says the strikes inside Syria were in response to rockets fired by Iranian troops. BBC
VOA VIEW: As they should.
Pompeo is not accelerating his plans to leave his current perch and has until a June filing deadline to make a final decision CBS
VOA VIEW: The rumors grow.
Buttigieg also called on other candidates to disclose their income from their prior work in the private and public sectors CBS

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The president is visiting an Apple manufacturing plant in Austin with Apple CEO Tim Cook, but he fielded a number of questions about today's testimony of Gordon Sondland CBS
VOA VIEW: Sondland is a liberal rich traitor.
Trump faces a dilemma about whether to sign the pro-Hong Kong human rights bill, which has drawn China's ire. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Trump will do the right thing.
The fourth round of public impeachment hearings continues with Defense Department official Laura Cooper and State Department official David Hale, who are slated to testify before the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday afternoon. CNBC
VOA VIEW: A waste of time.


Democratic House members told Google CEO Sundar Pichar that a recent hire "appears to contradict Google's own moral and ethical values." CNBC
VOA VIEW: Dems are fools.
Trump will meet with the vaping industry and public health advocates Friday as he weighs a ban on flavored e-cigarettes, the White House said. CNBC
A lawyer representing Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the National Security Council's Ukraine expert who testified publicly this week in the impeachment hearings, sent a letter to Fox News on Wednesday asking the network for a retraction. CNN
VOA VIEW: Vindman is a liberal Dem traitor.
Mexican citizens whose relatives were victims in the Aug. 3 mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, have filed a lawsuit against the store chain. FOX News
Benny Gantz’s lack of success pushes country closer to third round of elections in a yearIsrael’s opposition leader, Benny Gantz, has failed to form a government, increasing the likelihood of the country holding an unprecedented third round of elections.Gantz had close to a month to forge a coalition after the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, failed to do so. Neither leader won a clear majority during a September election and both have sought to stall each other’s play for power. Continue reading... Guardian
VOA VIEW: Another election coming.

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Lawyers for Huawei Technologies Co Ltd asked a Canadian court to immediately stay proceedings seeking to extradite the company's Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou to the United States, a company spokesman said on Wednesday. Reuters
United Auto Workers President Gary Jones resigned on Wednesday shortly after the union moved to remove him office amid a widening corruption probe from U.S. prosecutors, a union source told Reuters. Reuters
Alphabet Inc's Google will stop giving advertisers the ability to target election ads using data such as public voter records and general political affiliations, the company said in a blog post on Wednesday. Reuters

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U.S President Donald Trump is expected to sign legislation passed by Congress intended to support protesters in Hong Kong, a person familiar with the matter said on Wednesday, a move sure to anger China. Reuters
Completion of a "phase one" U.S.-China trade deal could slide into next year, trade experts and people close to the White House said, as Beijing presses for more extensive tariff rollbacks, and the Trump administration counters with heightened demands of its own. Reuters
VOA VIEW: China's mistake.
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he has not made a trade deal with China yet because Beijing is not "stepping up" in negotiations. Reuters
VOA VIEW: They are not and thing they can help beat Trump in 2020.
President Donald Trump suggested Apple may receive exemptions in the next round of Chinese tariffs while touring the company's manufacturing campus in Texas on Wednesday. UPI
U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland told impeachment investigators Wednesday there was quid pro quo involving the new Ukrainian president's request for a meeting with President Donald Trump. UPI
VOA VIEW: Liberal Dem deception.

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November 20, 2019


     Bloomberg is a back peddling fool. Michael R. Bloomberg’s abrupt reversal on his racially polarizing stop-and-frisk policing policy as New York mayor has Democratic presidential primary voters looking deeper into his varied and unconventional record during three terms running the country’s most populous city. How party regulars — and Democratic black voters in particular — react to the former mayor’s blunt mea culpa will determine whether Mr. Bloomberg’s last-minute, long-shot bid for the 2020 nomination has any viability at all.

     Though he gets more attention for his post-mayoral political advocacy efforts, Mr. Bloomberg built a reputation as a data-driven technocrat who oversaw New York City’s post-9/11 economic recovery and who left a legacy that touched on issues including charter schools and easing the Big Apple’s legendary traffic jams.  Both detractors and supporters of the billionaire former mayor said that if nothing else, it’s tough to accuse Mr. Bloomberg of pursuing half measures.

     It was a data-driven governing style that led Mr. Bloomberg to embrace the New York Police Department’s controversial policing policies as a means to combat crime — a position he now says he regrets. “I can’t change history,” Mr. Bloomberg told a black church in Brooklyn on Sunday. “However, today I want you to know that I realize back then I was wrong.”